Hey guys,

The stay inIreland was a great time for me and I really enjoyed it. Actually we did a lot of great and interesting things there. The most impressive place we went to, was Croke Park Stadium.

On ThUrsday 23 rd of March a tour guide led through the whole Croke Park Stadium, to show us everything there. It is the biggest stadium in Ireland, because there are seats for 82000 people. The stadium opened in 1913 and the construction cost 260 million euros . Croke Park hosts for Gaelic Football and Hurling. From 2007 to 2009 Croke Park hosted games played by the Irish national rugby union team. I had never gone to such a big stadium before, so it was incredibly flabbergasting.

On special days people also go there for concerts. Our tour guide also told us that during the Irish war of independence the stadium was the setting of the massacre, in which 14 people were killed.This day became known as Bloody Sunday. We also got the chance to see a match there one evening. When I came home I asked my family if they knew what Gaelic football was. They denied, because it is not very common in Austria.


Lukas Piewald


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