Hi everyone!

As you can discern from all the other blogs, we (6A and 6B) had an amazing language week in Ireland. We collected a lot of experience and it was quite fun. But i don‘t want to bore you with , so I am gonna tell you something about gaelic football (as you may know we went to Croke Park and watched a Gaelic Football match).

Gaelic football orpeil Ghaelach(irish) is the most popular irish sport besides hurling which is another gaelic sport.

You can simply say that gaelic football is a „mixture“ of football and rugby.

It‘s played on a pitch with length about 130 meters and 80 meters width.

Each team composes of 15 players (3 full-backs, 3 half-backs, 2 midfielder, 3 half-forwards, 2 full-forwards).

The aim of the play is either to score a goal (3 points) or to shoot the ball over the goal between the two rods (1 point).

One game takes 70 minutes (2*35 min).

So let‘s get started!:D

Thank you Mr. Eichhorn and Mrs. Forstinger for this awesome and flabbergasting week.!:)

Alexander Kerschner


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