A few weeks before we went do Dublin, I have to say that I actually wasn`t really looking forward to that journey like all my classmates. Because I was a little bit uncertain regarding my english skills and my host family. But although it was a difficult decision, I decided to take part and make that great experience.                                                                                                   Afterwards, thank god, it was the right choice. Because everything, apart from the terrible flight to dublin in a tightly and sticky plane, was interesting, fantastic or at least quite ok, like Dublinia, a small viking museum for kids, which wasn`t that thrilling as I thought. Anyhow there were also many  other lovely places like the city (dublin) itself or the beautiful St. Stephen`s Green Park, where my friends and I drank our double espresso almost every morning and where we ate our lunch packet every day in the lunch break shortly before our school-lessons started. Of course, atc-language-school wasn`t the highlight each day, but surprisingly it was not even that bad.

My favourite excursion was Croke Park Stadium and Guinness Store-House.    In the stadium, which is by the way one of the biggest in europe, we learned a lot about hurling and gaelic football, which are the nationalsports in Ireland, from a professional tor guide, who was obviously a great fan of the dublin football team.

On friday we visited the Guinnes Store-House, which is definitely advisable for every beer-fan. It was really interesting to learn about the brewing of the famous „black stuff“ and the history of the Guinness Company, which was founded by Sir Arthur Guinness in the 18th century. At the top of the Guinnes-building we had a breathtaking view over dublin, where I took many great pictures in memory of this beautiful and historical city.

On the last two days we got out of the city to see Ireland`s wonderful landscape. At the cliff walk in Howth, on our last day, we had a great weather and a stunning view of the sea. It was a great feeling to see some of Irelands famous cliffs for the first time.

All in all, I can say it was a terrific week and i had a lot of fun with my classmates.

Maybe I will travel to Ireland again, but only when I`m 18, because I don`t want to miss the Guinness tasting in the Store-House a second time 😛


Paul Kochberger

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