The flabbergasting Irish

Actually our journey to Ireland ended three days ago but i want to set down some flabbergasting impressions which i collected through our little language week.

First I want to say that all of the Irish people i met during our stay in Dublin were absolutely nice and pleasant. With some of them i had actually a lot of fun (e.g. Brandon at the bus station or the unknown guy in the Groke Park Stadium with no underpants). With all of them i gathered unforgettable impressions. But there was a person, no a girl who i can’t stop thinkig about. Her name was ERICA. The love of my life. She was actually my school’s teacher at ATC but both of us knew that there was love in the air. I will never forget you ERICA.

But there were also some other nice impressions. For example in the house of our host family. Our host parents, called Maria and Barry (Patrick) Byrne were a friendly aged couple how lived in Blackrock, a suburb of Dublin. But there was only one thing: Every time. And when I am saying every time I am meaning EVERY TIME when we ate at our host family Barry talked instantly and all the time about the Irish weather. He knew everything: The storm force, the rain probability in percent, how many sunny days the had last month or even last year, at what time the sun rises and at what time the sun sets. You can trust me, Barry (Patrick) was a genius. But listen! The only problem for him was when Maria starts talking. She hadn’t finished the second word of her sentence and Barry interrupted her and said something completley different. But it was quite funny to listen for us and i think they both have been a flabbergasting couple at all. We three liked them a lot. Thanks for all family Byrne.

All in all it was actually a quite flabbergasting trip with lots of fun, new experiences and new friendships (Erica). I liked staying in Ireland and i would definetely do this trip again. Thank you a lot Mr Eichhorn and Mrs. Forstinger for the terrific journey.

David Schauer, actually a pleasure teaching him.




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