“The best thing about memories is making them”

8 days, 40 students, an amazing city and a beautiful landscape. I’m pretty sure you can guess that this mixture could not be anything but great.  A week full of funny stories (I don’t wanna mention any names), interesting sights and many new impressions and experiences passed. Today on the 28th of March, our trip to Ireland is over. I think and I’m sure many other do too, the language week wasn’t just a great opportunity to practice our English skills but also strengthened our class community. So what did we actually do in Dublin? Now I could list sight after sight and place after place. However, I don’t wanna bore you and you can read about them in other blog entries. So I decided to write down my little “adventure” with Anastacia. It was Friday, our last day when we had free time in the city. Anastacia and I were kinda bored. (Don’t get me wrong. Dublin wasn’t boring at all.) All the other people went to eat something or shopping. But we didn’t want to buy anything (#already broken), so we decided to do something extraordinary. We wanted to see parts of Dublin which we hadn’t visited before. Therefore we randomly chose a bus and took it. It was the bus number 9. We didn’t know where we were going, were we would end up or how we would get back. After some time we realized that we were in the northern part of Dublin and decided to get off. Before we took a bus back to Dublin, we took some cool (and also some funny) pictures there. After a long bus ride back (due to traffic), Anastacia and I arrived safely and with many funny memories at our meeting point.

Shortly said: “ACTUALLY Dublin was flabbergasting!”



Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire, after long practicing even we can pronounce it (Dun Liery), is a part of Dublin located at the sea with a lot of ports and two piers and a beacon on each one. Even though it is not far from Dublin City it looks quite different in comparison Bildergebnis für dun laoghaire portwith the brick buildings of Dublin’s City center, which made us feel as if we were somewhere in Italy. It is the last stop of the bus we always took to get to Dublin city and there also is a train station. Getting there in the evening was very romantic and despite the fact that we’re not that into romantic we both liked it. We strolled down to one of the beacons and the view was flabbergasting ;). After making some pictures and simulating the Titanic scene we walked back. The next time we came there was on Wednesday to go to cinema and watch the Beauty and the Beast. It was a film adaption from the old Disney animation film. It was a good film but not that exciting, because the story was very predictable and simple. The last time we came again to just sit at the pier watching the sea, taking a few pictures for our families at home and banter about our trips we made. During the week we also went to other bays and ports (like Howth or Bray) but we are convinced that Dun Laoghaire is the most beautiful of them. So it is a “have-to-see” for the next classes coming to Ireland.

Jakob & Jakob

Back at school

Hello guys and a warm welcome from Austria. Today was the first school day after our great week in Ireland. Books, pencils, school all that kind of teaching sucks. I think you can also learn something or gather experience by travelling. So take me back. Back to a beautiful place in Europe. Simply called Ireland.

I really enjoyed our short stay in Ireland, because I got to know new culture, nature and people. The weather there is quite crazy like the irish people because when I wore 5 layers of clothes, irish people went with a t-shirt through Dublin city. Last but not least they are very friendly and give you an appropriate answer to your question. (for example when you don’t know how to come to st. stefen’s green, just ask :))
Well, from my point of view travelling is one of the best method of learning something, to become confident and gather experience. Because you have to manage all yourself.

All in all our visit in Dublin was “actually flabbergasting” ;). I always wanted to travel to Ireland in my near future and now I did. Thanks to my class mates and teachers who made the trip extraordinary. And I am looking forward to our next school trip.

“Collect moments, not things”

My time in Dublin

It’s the 27th of March. Our journey is almost over. Right now I’m on the plane flying home. Dublin was amazing. I had a great week. As you already read from my first blog entry I stayed with Vali. Our hostfamlily was very kind. They cooked so good and our room was also pretty nice. (Except for the mess Vali made! No, just kidding ;))

During our stay in Dublin we visited lots of famous places. For example the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College and the Christchurch. Actually I liked all the places where we’ve been except for Dublinia. Probably because I’m not interested in historical museums. In my opinion the best part of our trip was Glendalough because of its breathtaking nature. I took so many cool pictures there. We were also very lucky because it was raining just one time. The other days it was mostly sunny.

As I already said I really enjoyed being in Dublin with all of you. It weren’t only the things we saw or the places we visited, but also what we experienced TOGETHER. We spent so much time together and I think that really strengthened our class society. Thanks for the nice time and have a safe journey back home. 🙂


The strange looking cat…

Tuesday 21st of March

Before we met our host-family, our biggest wish was that they owned a cat or at least a dog! Unfortunately, they did not have a dog and neither a cat, but it didn’t bother us that much. So, when we went to the bus station on Tuesday-night to go to Dùn Laoghaire and walk along the seaside, we went crazy over the fact that we had just seen a cute cat in our housing development! Immediately we wanted to stroke it and tried to attract it with shouting silly phrases like “Kitty! Kitty! Come here, come here!”. We were so happy to see our first cat here in Dublin that we didn’t mind that the kitten looked a bit strange. But suddenly when the “cat” went into the light of the streetlamp it stopped looking like a strange cat. We both realised that our “cat” had actually been a fox the whole time!! Shocked that there was a fox in the middle of Dublin, where are no woods, we both just stood there speechless and stared at it. To be true, how often do you see a wild fox? And while we were amazed the fox had no interest in wasting his time with us and went on calmly. Later we found out that foxes are very common in the suburbs and that people even feed them. They took advantage out of the city life and assimilated with the humans living here.

Laura & Nina

P.S. Thanks to our little friend for helping us with this blog-entry and we hope you are doing well!

Nearly lost in the mountains!!!

Hello guys!

Actually we wanted to publish this blog entry already yesterday but we were too busy ;). So yesterday was our third day in Dublin and after a rainy and exhausting day we went to the cinema in order to watch ‘The Beauty and the Biest’. While I (Anastacia) almost cried because I’m so sensitive Vali fell asleep on my shoulder (it only took her like 10 minutes haha). Maybe now you can imagine how hard this day has been for Vali. But that was only the beginning of a wild night.

At about 10.30 p.m. Gloria, Anabel, Rim, Olivia and we took a bus to arrive at home safely. But not the usual one! We risked everything and took the bus 63 without even knowing where we were going. Actually we wanted to sit downstairs but in the end we decided to go upstairs. There sat a handsome, young, Irish guy who told us that this bus isn’t going to Blackrock but to the mountains (that’s where he’s from ;)))). He recommended us to leave the bus at the next station and take another one back to where we came from. We were totally confused and scared when suddenly Vali realized that we took the right bus and that we left the bus at the right station. So actually everything went fine but there’s still one question. Was this guy (who looked really good) just kidding us, just friendly but not knowing where he was going to or totally drunk (because Anastacia sat next to him and said his breath smelled like alcohol)?


Have a good night.

Anastacia & Vali