Hello from the other side

Hello my dear readers. It´s the 30th of March 2017 and right now I’m sitting on a chair at home writing a blog entry for all of you from the other side. As you’ve probably noticed, it’s the 30th of March, as I’ve already said and I’m at home… so obviously I’m not in Ireland anymore ☹ Well… Back at it again with Austrian stuff. But I shouldn’t talk about Austria, I mean you all know our country, so my amazing blog entry will be all about the stunning city in Europe called Dublin.

My first impression of Ireland, Dublin, Monkstown. Amazing! You probably don’t know what I’m talking about. I mean Monkstown, what’s that? Well… Monkstown is the name of the village where I lived with the gorgeous Blanca and a very kind host family named the Farrelly’s. Except from the toilett … everything was perfect. The food, the family our room…
So all in all I really enjoyed staying with the Farrelly’s.

During our stay in Ireland we got to know many famous places. For example the Guinness Storehouse, the Trinity College and the gorgeous cliffs in Howth. I nearly liked all of the places we visited, but in my opinion the best part of our trip was the day we went to Glendalough and Bray. The weather was beautiful and we even watched a Gaelic Football match at Croke Park Stadium at night.

To finally end my amazing blog entry I wanna thank all of my classmates and also our teachers, who made such a flabbergasting trip to Ireland possible. I really loved it!



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