Lifestyle in Dublin

Our time in Dublin was very funny, interesting and beautiful. Actually, I really enjoyed all the tours we did.

Personally I loved to see the differences in lifestyle compared to Austria ranging from fashion to architecture. We mostly spent our very limited free time in Dublin city on the famous Grafton street which was a paradise for us fashion interested girls. You can find there every shop you dream of next to cute, tiny cafes and restaurants. It was an impossible challenge for my friends and me to visit all the nice stores we wanted to go and see this week. So we ended up being totally exhausted from running from shop to shop and in the end we barely bought anything. 😊 Anyway we had lots of fun!

Furthermore you have free wifi everywhere you go … in each store, in all the parks, in every restaurant. Even in the Croke Park Stadium, which is one of the largest stadiums in Europe, you have free wifi. What an innovative city! Most of us were impressed and we loved to share all the funny stuff we did with our friends on snapchat or instagram.

If you visit Dublin once, look at the beautiful Irish architecture. Everywhere in and around Dublin you see lovely brickstone buildings with small colourful doors. The houses all look the same and the only significant difference is the colour of the door.

I loved our journey to Dublin and the Irish lifestyle.



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