“The best thing about memories is making them”

8 days, 40 students, an amazing city and a beautiful landscape. I’m pretty sure you can guess that this mixture could not be anything but great.  A week full of funny stories (I don’t wanna mention any names), interesting sights and many new impressions and experiences passed. Today on the 28th of March, our trip to Ireland is over. I think and I’m sure many other do too, the language week wasn’t just a great opportunity to practice our English skills but also strengthened our class community. So what did we actually do in Dublin? Now I could list sight after sight and place after place. However, I don’t wanna bore you and you can read about them in other blog entries. So I decided to write down my little “adventure” with Anastacia. It was Friday, our last day when we had free time in the city. Anastacia and I were kinda bored. (Don’t get me wrong. Dublin wasn’t boring at all.) All the other people went to eat something or shopping. But we didn’t want to buy anything (#already broken), so we decided to do something extraordinary. We wanted to see parts of Dublin which we hadn’t visited before. Therefore we randomly chose a bus and took it. It was the bus number 9. We didn’t know where we were going, were we would end up or how we would get back. After some time we realized that we were in the northern part of Dublin and decided to get off. Before we took a bus back to Dublin, we took some cool (and also some funny) pictures there. After a long bus ride back (due to traffic), Anastacia and I arrived safely and with many funny memories at our meeting point.

Shortly said: “ACTUALLY Dublin was flabbergasting!”


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