Dun Laoghaire

Dun Laoghaire, after long practicing even we can pronounce it (Dun Liery), is a part of Dublin located at the sea with a lot of ports and two piers and a beacon on each one. Even though it is not far from Dublin City it looks quite different in comparison Bildergebnis für dun laoghaire portwith the brick buildings of Dublin’s City center, which made us feel as if we were somewhere in Italy. It is the last stop of the bus we always took to get to Dublin city and there also is a train station. Getting there in the evening was very romantic and despite the fact that we’re not that into romantic we both liked it. We strolled down to one of the beacons and the view was flabbergasting ;). After making some pictures and simulating the Titanic scene we walked back. The next time we came there was on Wednesday to go to cinema and watch the Beauty and the Beast. It was a film adaption from the old Disney animation film. It was a good film but not that exciting, because the story was very predictable and simple. The last time we came again to just sit at the pier watching the sea, taking a few pictures for our families at home and banter about our trips we made. During the week we also went to other bays and ports (like Howth or Bray) but we are convinced that Dun Laoghaire is the most beautiful of them. So it is a “have-to-see” for the next classes coming to Ireland.

Jakob & Jakob

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