Back at school

Hello guys and a warm welcome from Austria. Today was the first school day after our great week in Ireland. Books, pencils, school all that kind of teaching sucks. I think you can also learn something or gather experience by travelling. So take me back. Back to a beautiful place in Europe. Simply called Ireland.

I really enjoyed our short stay in Ireland, because I got to know new culture, nature and people. The weather there is quite crazy like the irish people because when I wore 5 layers of clothes, irish people went with a t-shirt through Dublin city. Last but not least they are very friendly and give you an appropriate answer to your question. (for example when you don’t know how to come to st. stefen’s green, just ask :))
Well, from my point of view travelling is one of the best method of learning something, to become confident and gather experience. Because you have to manage all yourself.

All in all our visit in Dublin was “actually flabbergasting” ;). I always wanted to travel to Ireland in my near future and now I did. Thanks to my class mates and teachers who made the trip extraordinary. And I am looking forward to our next school trip.

“Collect moments, not things”


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