My time in Dublin

It’s the 27th of March. Our journey is almost over. Right now I’m on the plane flying home. Dublin was amazing. I had a great week. As you already read from my first blog entry I stayed with Vali. Our hostfamlily was very kind. They cooked so good and our room was also pretty nice. (Except for the mess Vali made! No, just kidding ;))

During our stay in Dublin we visited lots of famous places. For example the Guinness Storehouse, Trinity College and the Christchurch. Actually I liked all the places where we’ve been except for Dublinia. Probably because I’m not interested in historical museums. In my opinion the best part of our trip was Glendalough because of its breathtaking nature. I took so many cool pictures there. We were also very lucky because it was raining just one time. The other days it was mostly sunny.

As I already said I really enjoyed being in Dublin with all of you. It weren’t only the things we saw or the places we visited, but also what we experienced TOGETHER. We spent so much time together and I think that really strengthened our class society. Thanks for the nice time and have a safe journey back home. 🙂



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