The strange looking cat…

Tuesday 21st of March

Before we met our host-family, our biggest wish was that they owned a cat or at least a dog! Unfortunately, they did not have a dog and neither a cat, but it didn’t bother us that much. So, when we went to the bus station on Tuesday-night to go to Dùn Laoghaire and walk along the seaside, we went crazy over the fact that we had just seen a cute cat in our housing development! Immediately we wanted to stroke it and tried to attract it with shouting silly phrases like “Kitty! Kitty! Come here, come here!”. We were so happy to see our first cat here in Dublin that we didn’t mind that the kitten looked a bit strange. But suddenly when the “cat” went into the light of the streetlamp it stopped looking like a strange cat. We both realised that our “cat” had actually been a fox the whole time!! Shocked that there was a fox in the middle of Dublin, where are no woods, we both just stood there speechless and stared at it. To be true, how often do you see a wild fox? And while we were amazed the fox had no interest in wasting his time with us and went on calmly. Later we found out that foxes are very common in the suburbs and that people even feed them. They took advantage out of the city life and assimilated with the humans living here.

Laura & Nina

P.S. Thanks to our little friend for helping us with this blog-entry and we hope you are doing well!

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