Nearly lost in the mountains!!!

Hello guys!

Actually we wanted to publish this blog entry already yesterday but we were too busy ;). So yesterday was our third day in Dublin and after a rainy and exhausting day we went to the cinema in order to watch ‘The Beauty and the Biest’. While I (Anastacia) almost cried because I’m so sensitive Vali fell asleep on my shoulder (it only took her like 10 minutes haha). Maybe now you can imagine how hard this day has been for Vali. But that was only the beginning of a wild night.

At about 10.30 p.m. Gloria, Anabel, Rim, Olivia and we took a bus to arrive at home safely. But not the usual one! We risked everything and took the bus 63 without even knowing where we were going. Actually we wanted to sit downstairs but in the end we decided to go upstairs. There sat a handsome, young, Irish guy who told us that this bus isn’t going to Blackrock but to the mountains (that’s where he’s from ;)))). He recommended us to leave the bus at the next station and take another one back to where we came from. We were totally confused and scared when suddenly Vali realized that we took the right bus and that we left the bus at the right station. So actually everything went fine but there’s still one question. Was this guy (who looked really good) just kidding us, just friendly but not knowing where he was going to or totally drunk (because Anastacia sat next to him and said his breath smelled like alcohol)?


Have a good night.

Anastacia & Vali

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